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No longer worry about
A hard drive crash
A power outage or fire
Taking home a daily backup tape
Whether your backup tape or disk will restore in an emergency.

About B4Backup

Remote Backup Service

B4Backup's innovative Remote Backup offering was designed to be as simple as possible for users to use. The B4Backup remote backup service ensures your data is available in an off-site data center facility located in PA. In the event of a disaster, your data is safe and you can retrieve it in a form from prior to the event.

B4Backup's remote backup service is the key component in your disaster recovery procedure in the case of a hard disk failure or corruption, requiring your critical files to be rebuilt. It can also help in case your operating system becomes corrupted and can't reboot, or if your machine is physically lost to fire or theft. Now, the loss of your mission critical files no longer means the loss of valuable time or effort getting your business up and running.

B4Backup makes use of the latest technology along with high speed networks and reliable RAID5 Arrays to provide fail-safe data storage regardless of your account size. Applications include critical disaster recovery, infrastructure, databases, ultra low failure content, media load balancing, ultra accurate caching and high availability storage.

What you will find in each of our plans
Great Price: We offer a value offering for every user segment that will make use of our service for remote backup. B4Backup is the easiest and most cost effective service you can use for keeping backups of your files and folders online.

Instant Service: Your B4Backup account is provisioned immediately after you order it. Moreover our contract runs month to month so you can pay as you go and as you grow.

Ease of use: Simplicity of our offering was a key factor we considered for the launch of our services. Everybody can use the common tools used on the Internet today to make a backup. Our advanced offerings provide scheduled pickup service and we will soon provide automatic backup agents for your equipment. In addition we also provide consultancy to help you find your way and get up and running with B4Backup.

Rock Solid Infrastructure: Your backups are stored off-site in a secure facility in PA. The facility is connected via high speed Gigabit connections to multiple tier-1 providers including Level3, Qwest, Williams and AT&T as well as peering with hundreds of other providers nationally. This provides you 100% access to your data and always guaranteeing the highest speed transfer available.

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